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Kangaroo Leather Straight Razor Sheath

Kangaroo Leather Straight Razor Sheath


Protect and store your straight razor!

This case is part of the Glazed Kangaroo line. It features full grain vegetable tanned kangaroo leather that has been "burnished" to leave a nice shiny and smooth surface.

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A straight razor requires a home in between uses. What better than the toughest leather there is? Kangaroo. 


This is a sheath only. There is no straight razor included with this purchase.

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I make each sheath to order, by hand, without machines. That means I hand cut the leather, hand sew, and hand finish the sheath. I use kangaroo leather for its incredible toughness and slimness. I use 0.6 mm braided and waxed polyester Tiger thread for its unrivaled tensile strength.

I sew using the saddle stitch method, which is the strongest way to stitch leather together.

This sheath does the job. It houses your cut throat while you're not cutting your throat!

Please select the length of the sheath depending on the length of your straight razor to find your corresponding price.

A common question I get asked is why the price of the sheath changes depending on the length of your own straight razor. That's a fair question! It seems like an unfair charge to tack on, but I must do it. With a longer straight razor, comes a longer sheath. With a longer sheath, more leather is used. The more leather I use, the more stitches I put in, meaning it takes more time to make. You might also notice a significant price jump once your straight razor length goes above 20cm (7.9"). This is because the price of packaging and shipping changes at this point. The length of the package jumps up to the next price bracket with my shipping. It's a lot easier to account for this in the sheath variation menu rather than the shipping menu. I hope you understand.