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Chris Rose

G'day! Brisbane, Australia is where I reside. Born and raised in this small country town of only ~2 million (actually the third largest city in Australia) I've learned to appreciate the smaller things in life. A good old fashioned game of Cricket, a BBQ with mates, or just a nice chill afternoon on the back veranda listening to the kookaburras laugh is all I need in life. My Wife, Courtney, is also wicked cool. While hopeless at Cricket herself, she is always there to support me while I play, and enjoys a couple quiet ones with me on the back deck. 

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A Bright Sunny Day

I chose this picture to be the "main" picture of this page because I think the sky looks great and the roof of my house is framed pretty well! My mate, Dean, took most of the photos on this site, as he's pretty handy with a camera! This photo also shows, in a small way, what standard suburban life is like in Australia.

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One Of Those Silly Model Shots

Please allow me just a small moment of vanity. Again, my mate Dean is pretty handy with a camera! He made me look about 500% better than I do on a standard day, and it only cost me lunch at the pub down the road!

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Cutting A Belt Strap

Look, there isn't much to say here to be honest. This is more a filler photo because I don't like having an uneven amount of these smaller photos...

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This chill dude is Percy. Probably the coolest cat around. Pick him up, put him down, wrap him around your shoulders, play fight, etc.. The list goes on... This guy is cool with it all. He keeps me company while I work. Probably the best work mate you could ask for! 

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My standard day is spent at work, here at home! I'm lucky enough to get to work from home, which means waking up travelling for all of 14 seconds and BAM! I'm at work! In this photo, I'm just putting together another wallet.